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Squirrels 2

Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 10.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 13.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 21.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 06.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 07.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 08.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 04.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 23.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 01.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 18.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 14.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 11.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 20.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 24.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 02.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 26.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 12.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 22.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 09.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 15.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 17.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 03.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 19.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 05.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 16.jpg
Squirrels 2/Squirrels 2 - 25.jpg

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#6 The Grand Squirrel(for those who can't READ properly) (ploatie@yahoo.com) on 09.11.2011 - 21:07 GMT
You are too disturbing and have no proper manners!You don't know how to behave descently in the presense of a squirrel!Mind your language or otherwise you'll found yourself in front of the squirrel justice!!!It's hard as a nutshell........you have to prove that you deserve the honour of getting to know better a SQUIRREL like the one who's typing this.....
#5 Angel (angelkorn@abv.bg) on 09.11.2011 - 21:01 GMT
The Grand - who?????? Whatever. I know your name and many other things about you! But mostly i know that i LOVE YOU!!!!!
I love you squirrel and it's aggravating this feeling you know :P
Iwant you to eat my nuts and i lick your ice cream squirrel! What do you say!?
#4 The Grand Squirrel (ploatie@yahoo.com) on 09.11.2011 - 20:54 GMT
I am Bobby the Grand Squirrel!Who are you and how do you know my name?????
#3 Angel (angelkorn@abv.bg) on 09.11.2011 - 20:50 GMT
Where are you Borqna,please...be my squirrel wife...i'm gona give you food,and "Nuts" every day...let me know what you thing! :*:* <3
#2 Angel (angelkorn@abv.bg) on 09.11.2011 - 20:46 GMT
I love this Squirrel,very much!
I want her to be my squirrel wife!
Plece help me to make her mine!
#1 Angel (angelkorn@abv.bg) on 09.11.2011 - 20:45 GMT
This is Borqna !