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The story begins with a pack of cuddly woodland creatures suddenly finding themselves homeless at the hands of big brother and his menacing chainsaw. So, the lot of them decide they need to get to Paradise Meadows, where frolicking and rainbows surely await. The path is long and tortuous, meandering through grasslands, tundra, mountains, forest and swamp. To advance along the path they need to collect a golden acorn from each level (obviously).

Help them get to the golden acorn by using the [arrow] or [WASD] keys for movement. Out of the cuddlement of doe-eyed creatures will emerge an individual, randomly selected. It might be a fluffy bunny, a ridiculous raccoon, a bouncing bear, a fuzzy fox, a melodious monkey, a lovable lion or an endearing elephant. Let's suppose it's a bunny. Hippity-hoppity across the land, collecting acorns you go. Hey, what's that? Spikes! They look sharp! Watch out bunny! WATCH OU…

Hmmm. That was unpleasant. No matter! Another ball of cuteness will take her place. It's the elephant! Maybe Mr. Elephant can trample the spikes!

Or not. Poor guy.

Turns out all the animals behave (and die) identically. Fear not, though, for their deaths may not have been in vain! Since another animal immediately takes over upon death, you can sacrifice some creatures to get to places you don't expect to come back from. Also, the cute carcasses remain in play, and can be used as a stepping stone across the spikes. You start with 30 animals to last you 21 levels, so there is some wiggle room, but be conservative nonetheless.

The levels are are fairly typical platform constructions, except some make use of the Box2d physics engine to introduce tipping, tilting, swinging, and rolling not normally found in puzzle platformers. Still, the difficulty level is pretty low, and those looking for a challenge should attempt to spend the fewest lives possible in passing them all (Tony claims 5 is the theoretical lowest). Also, each level earns a grade based on the number of deaths and the regular acorns collected. Earn A's on each level in a stage to earn a paw-print reward. They don't really do anything, but you can say you've earned them!

The greatest thing about SeppuKuties is that it almost makes you not want to complete the levels, on account of some adorable animal is going to meet a nasty death. I mean, who can resist those huuuuuge eyes, or the cluster of cuteness all bobbing their heads in time and swiveling around to watch the current Kutie in action? I certainly can't.

Can you?

Rating: 3.0/10 (7 votes cast)

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