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1.Click on the guy on platform to move him right.
2.Click on the carrot but RIGHT after you do click on the top of the box below the platform to drop the carrot into the cave.
3.Quickly click on the flies to kill them, then the bug from the fusebox comes and eats the carrot.
4.Turn both UFO platform fuseboxes on
5.Click on the man below the platform to scroll through items until the next carrot.
6.Click and eat the carrot, then click on the right side of the box below the platform to open it.
7.Scroll through the items to the arrow and click on it to make the guy go to the island.
8.TAKES GOOD TIMING! Click on the UFO next to the guy then QUICKLY click on the right yellow button below the guy to release the rolling rock. The UFO will instead abduct the ROCK instead of the MAN! The man goes and uses the toilet and releases the Red Potion Component Machine
9.Click the doorbell of the toilet and get the guy back out, then click on him to climb back up to the platform.
10.Scroll through the items until the shield then click on the guy on the top platform to move him to the left.
11.Click on the fusebox for the item swapper then click on the lever and the guy on bottom will swim across the lake.
12.Click on the tube above him to angle the gun upwards.
13.TAKES GOOD TIMING! Click on the UFO on the right pad and it will start heading offscreen. ABOUT ONE SECOND AFTER IT LEAVES SCREEN click on the shield in the tower, then quickly click on the man on the left side of the screen. He will shoot out a rock, it will hit the shield, and it SHOULD bounce off and crash the UFO. The debris will float down and freeze the lake.
14.Click on the shield then the shooter again, and then ONE more time too. This last time should put a black WATER BOMB in the basket.
15.Click on the porchlight above the shooter, and he'll be kicked to the ice, then walk back to his original position.
16.Click on the bolt in the middle of the box underneath the platform, and then on the left yellow button. This rock will stop in front of the porch.
17.Close the item-swapper fusebox then swap to the bomb.
18.Click on the bomb (guy should be on the left of platform still), and this will melt the lake.
19.Click on the top left window of the screen to release a carrot, then click on the spiderweb above the crow ONCE!
20.TAKES GOOD TIMING! Click on the spider THEN IMMEDIATELY click on the crow and the crow will go for the carrot, but turn to see the spider and shoot a laser. Timed correctly it should miss the spider and release the ladder on the right. Also the carrot will fall into the basket, which will land on the rock on the porch, which will be kicked into the lake. It will land on the right side of the bottom of the lake, then detonate and empty the lake.
21.Click on the item-swapper fusebox and then on the lever so the guy jumps in the lake and stands next to his final lever.
22.Next click on the box in the right cave to open it up. Then click on the leaves of the tree at the top of the screen and it will release a melon and break the right UFO pad.
23.Click on the bell on the right side of the screen and the mechanic will start to come out. AFTER HE EXITS HIS HOUSE close the door behind him!
24.He'll fix the pad, then try to get back in, but turn away and jump on the plate covering the cave, then up to where the mine used to be.
25.Click on him now and he'll climb the ladder, then click on him again and he'll burn the vine.
26.Click the arrow so it points right, and also click on the plate that is covering the cave below. Click on the man until he goes down the ladder, then again so he falls into the cave.
27.THIS PART TAKES AMAZING TIMING!!! HARDEST OF ALL! Click on the man and he'll enter the box then come out int a bowl-contraption and right it along. RIGHT BEFORE it passes underneath the plumbing/rocks click on the RED PLUMBING on the ceiling to release a red component of the potion. THEN as the contraption passes the middle it will come to the hump. Click on the guy in the lake RIGHT as it hits the beginning of the hump and a GREEN component will come out of the tower and roll into the bowl!
28.If you manage to get both in it will transform into the man and a monster chasing him. The monster will jump over him and crack the bottom right of the screen showing a button. Surprisingly enough DO NOT PRESS THE DO NOT PRESS BUTTON. It will kill your guy even though u don't need him anymore. Instead click on the COG/WHEEL on the VERY bottom right of screen and the banner will turn around to a button you DO press. Huzzah you beat Hapland 3!!!!!

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