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Bowja 3: Ninja Kami is the latest point-and-click adventure from Pencilkids Games, and the third entry in the Bowja series. As the titular ninja, you use your cunning, skill, and handy bow-and-arrow to find an ancient artifact and save the Ninja Spirit, all along the way finding clever ways to defeat the evil purple ninjas who constantly impede you.

The Bowja the Ninja point-and-click adventures from Pencilkids Games are, as you might expect, mostly kid friendly. Any violence is purely cartoon in nature. The evil ninjas fall off of moving vehicles, only to bounce up and come back at you. Instead of letting you hack them up ninja-style, your enemies go running for their little purple ninja lives. When you thwart their plans, they shake their little fists and explicative characters appear over their heads. It's all very cute, and makes for a very entertaining game.

Once you figure out the basic interactions (which you will in the first few moments of the game), you can walk through the story pretty unencumbered. If you do something wrong, the worst that happens is you get sent back to the start of the section. There are no lives to be lost, no life to drain. And if you end up getting really stuck for some reason, there is a complete walkthrough only a button-click away. The only limiting factor is a timer with ample supply. Of course, once you complete the game once, the challenge is to try and make it through as quickly as possible.

Rating: 3.9/10 (25 votes cast)

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