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Armor Trigger 3 An addictive game which is actually a combination of various small minigames, Armor Trigger 3 is all about using your mouse and following the instructions to complete some interesting puzzles. Essentially, Armor Trigger 3 is all about completing the small puzzles by using only your mouse. The best part about the addictive experience of this title is the ramping up of the challenge every time you play a new level. Apart from that, you have some interesting moments and colorful assemblies which grab your attention in the game and let you have a lot of fun. So get shooting and more with your mouse while making sure that you complete the puzzles on time. The game begins with some pulsating background music which has been done well to ensure that you get the feel of a thrilling shooting game. Yes, all the miniature games or puzzles in this title revolve around how good your shooting skills are. You need to complete every one of them while following the instructions given before the start of the level. There are two modes in the game which let you enjoy its experience. The story mode is all about following the plotline and completing a serious of shooting games for gaining points. Apart from that, you have this interesting Super Challenge mode where you need to complete different achievements which involve shooting. This can be called the best mode of the game because it simply concentrates on one thing, shooting! Apart from that, the game is good in terms of graphics and has an awesome background track going on at all times. Overall, the game is really addictive and fun to play due to all the above reasons and the engrossing shooting action.

Rating: 2.4/10 (19 votes cast)

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