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Frontline Defense: First Assault - a new standard tower defense game, but with an impressive arsenal of towers that will shoot, freeze, poison and electrocute enemies. Set up the perfect combination of towers to give those creeps what they deserve.

In Frontline Defense FA, there are 12 tower types, 20 levels, lots of enemies including soliders, tanks, robots, mech and more. Let the body count begin!

Available Units:

Rifleman Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier with a standard issue rifle.

Electro Tower: releases a high volatage charge towards nearby enemys.

Bio Chemical Tower: possible chance of poisoning the enemy. Poisened enemies will run slower.

Shotgun Turret: small tower manned by a single soldier equipped with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Heat Ray Tower: this experimental defence tower can cook enemies from a great distance.

Ice Tower: fires shards of solid hydrogen - possible chance of freezing the enemy! Frozen enemies will move very slow.

Machine Gun Turret: Fires burst's of high caliber rounds. Has no special abilities.

Radar Tower: Gives a 20 point range boost to all units within range.

Flame Thrower: Possible chance of setting enemies on fire! Warning enemies on fire will run faster!

Sniper Tower: This towers higher point of view offers greater visibility. Manned by a single soldier armed with a sniper rifle.

Power Amplifier: Gives a 5 point damage bonus to all units within range.

Rocket Turret: Slow but powerful - fires homing rockets that pack a punch - Great for slower stronger enemies.

Rating: 4.8/10 (30 votes cast)

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