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Defend your base by picking up and dropping pieces of junk onto the approaching enemies. Fly around using the mouse and pick up objects with the large magnet attached to your ship. Some enemies will also shoot at your ship in addition to your base. Once you power up your ship enough, you will be able to pick up enemies directly and smash them on others.

Upgrade your ship and magnet by picking up some junk and holding the mouse button to absorb it. Upgrade your base by dropping junk onto it. Both your ship and your base have a life meter, so watch them both.

Controls / How To Play:
- Use the mouse to control your ship.
- Fly around and pick up objects with the magnet.
- Drop objects onto enemies to destroy them.
- Destroy more than one enemy at a time to build combos.

Rating: 2.6/10 (14 votes cast)

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