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"There is too much noise... " complains the otherwise silent protagonist. Perhaps an odd thing to say when you find yourself within the still remains of... a laboratory? A space station? You'll have to take the initiative and explore the area to find out. You can navigate with the [wasd] or [arrow] keys, tapping [up], [w], or [space] to jump. As you go, the map is slowly uncovered and the camera pulls back to reveal more... and more... and more.

There are five worlds to check out, and once you get past the first area, you can go through them in any order you wish. You're not under any constraints, so you can take your time and uncover every nook and cranny. Which you should do, since once you leave a world, you can't go back to it. If you just want to find everything each area has to offer you, avoid the beacons you'll find beckoning you onward until you've uncovered all the secrets you can.

Rating: 3.5/10 (2 votes cast)

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